Certification Process

Step 1: Apply

Submit an application request form. If an applicable Standard (CCD-certification criteria document) exists, your application will be assessed against those criteria. If no CCD is applicable, one may be developed.

Timeline: Variable

Step 2: Review and Audit

We will first confirm receipt of the signed application form and payments. Upon receipt of signed application form and payments, the information and documentation will be sent to third-party auditors for review and where required, an on-site audit.

Timeline: 30-60 days variable (Assuming all appropriate data and documentation has been provided to the auditor.)

Step 3: Results & Licensing

If the independent auditor assigned to the file recommends the product for certification, TerraChoice will perform a final review. Successful applicants will be sent a license agreement for signature. Once signed, the successful applicant will receive the certificate and full privileges associated with EcoLogo certification.

Timeline: 5-10 business days